ENiGMA 1/2 Bulletin Board Software

A Modern BBS Package

I’ve been working on a new Bulletin Board System (BBS) software… It occurred to me today that while I’ve already released on Github, announced on Reddit and even have a board running, I haven’t yet blogged about it. So here I am!

Introducing ENiGMA½! This is a modern, from scratch BBS package written Node.js. While still in it’s infancy, there are many features to get excited about (that is, if you’re into BBS’s like I am!). Not limited to the following:

  • Should run anywhere Node.js runs. Is functional on Linux, Windows, and OS X at the least. Shoudl work on FreeBSD and others
  • Multi node out of the box
  • Highly customizable via HJSON based configuration, menus, and themes. Mods natively written in JavaScript
  • Door support including common dropfile formats, legacy DOS doors via DOSEMU, DOSBox, and QEMU. Native BBSLink
  • MCI support for lightbars, toggles, input areas, and more. This is based on a more modern approach of views and forms
  • Telnet & SSH access built in. Additional servers are easy to implement & plug in
  • CP437 and UTF-8 output
  • SyncTerm style font and baud emulation support. Display PC/DOS and Amiga style artwork as it’s intended! In general, ANSI-BBS / cterm.txt / bansi.txt are followed for expected BBS behavior
  • SAUCE!
  • Pipe codes (ala Renegade)
  • SQLite database storage
  • Strong PBKDF2 backed password encryption
  • Bunyan logging

A lot of other features are in the pipeline with many already logged as issues on Github. Check it out!

On a similar note, BBS nerds should check out progress on Mercyful Fate’s Oblivion/2 XRM. This is a complete re-write of the legendary Oblivion/2!


A new ENiGMA½ WHQ BBS called Xibalba (shee-bal-ba) is also up and running! Give it a “call” at telnet://xibalba.l33t.codes:44510 (Telnet). A couple issues with SSH are being worked out and that will be up shortly. Another way to access is via the web Telnet interface. The board is semi vanilla right now, but it’s evolving every day with more features & mods!