Hi there! My name is Bryan Ashby often known as “NuSkooler”. I’m a father to a wonderful daughter, and a cat dad. In my free time, I can be found hacking on retro computing tech and software including a modern implementation of Bulletin Board System software called ENiGMA½ BBS, and my own BBS, 💀 Xibalba 💀 using the latest and greatest versions!.

In the summer months I like to get out and go camping, rockhounding (that is, looking for gems, fossils, etc.), working on the garden, and so on. Around here you may also find posts about my obsession with 🎃 Halloween 🎃 and prop building as well. Other activities include TTRPGs, gaming, raving, blasting electronic music, metal, and everything in-between.

I do spend a good chunk of time coding on various projects. Languages include Node.js/JS, C, C++, Python, Rust, Go, and various shells. Occasional retro Pascal and BASIC!

Professionally I (currently) mostly code in C++14+, Python, Go, and Rust.


You can contact me by email at bryan-at-l33t-dot-codes, on FSX-Net alt-net networks on various BBSs (including my own!), or on Mastadon.

🔐 For secure communications, check out my Keybase Profile!