Purely Mail

Start of a Migration…

I’ve had on my To-Do list for quite some time to start moving away from Google Mail. I’ve had my NuSkooler account on GMail for years, and will likely have it for many more but I’d like to start moving everything to something:

  1. Not Google controlled
  2. Using my l33t.codes domain

Now, I’ve been using my l33t.codes domain for some emails for a few years now via Zoho which I still highly recommend for various use cases. For example, I was sending and forwarding via their servers. But to get the rest of what I want (e.g. more control, users, so on) I needed more.

A bit back I ran across a great blog entry entitled Moving Away From GMail that pointed me to Purely Mail which looked great. This weekend I had a bit of time to look into the matter. I contacted Purely Mail and promptly got a detailed and honest response to my questions. The pricing is great, the webmail interface works well, and it’s setup in a simple and technical enough way that I appreciate.

So today I started the move. So far:

  • I have my ‘bryan’ account moved over as well as some additional administrative accounts such as that used for Xibalba
  • 2FA configured via Authy TOTP
  • For the time being, I’m using the GMail app on my Android based Pixel 5. For this I’m using application passwords.

Next Steps

I’ve had my GMail account for so long, it’s going to take time to move things over. I plan on attacking the accounts in the same fashion mentioned in the blog above: Slowly. This will also give me time to better evaluate Purely Mail, but so far I don’t see any reason it will be an issue.