Slightly New Theme Colors

A Minor Update

One of the blogs I love to check in on and read is VileR’s in10h. If you haven’t stopped by there, do yourself a favor and stop reading this pointless post, and go there instead!

A semi recent article on ViLeR’s site that I really enjoyed is The IBM 5153’s True CGA Palette and Color Output. The TL;DR being: We’ve been doing the RGB mapping wrong!

So the TL;DR of the TL;DR? has now been updated to use the “proper” values for the 16 CGA colors we know and love… or more specifically, that some of us actually know exist and love

As a quick example using Magenta (#5):

  • BEFORE: ░▒▓█
  • AFTER: ░▒▓█

See that subtle difference? No? Well… OK, but this is important shit damnit, and I won’t hear otherwise!