ActivityPub Beta on Xibalba BBS

Beta has Launched!

If you’re interested in participating in ActivityPub in a way that is compatible with Mastodon on a BBS in all of it’s textmode glory, you’re in luck: The beta of ActivityPub / Mastodon support has launched on Xibalba BBS!

To Participate

Simply hop on Xibalba BBS and let me (NuSkooler) know you’d like to join in. You’ll get an Fediverse address with the ability to both post and read public and private messages. You can log on to Xibalba via the following:

Upcoming Features

Some features are not yet implemented, but they will start appearing on the board soon!

  • Distinct Federated vs Local browsing
  • An ActivityPub specific message list mod
  • Improved search supporting actors/messages/hashtags (currently you can search for Actors only)
  • Support for Likes, Announcements, so on.
  • Follow request manager (accept/reject follows)
  • …and more!


Viewing notes (posts) currently uses the standard FSE.
Viewing a Mastodon Note

User configuration!
User configuration

Currently the list of posts uses the standard message list. An ActivityPub specific version will come in the future
Post List

Come check it out!