ENiGMA 1/2 Message Network Update

A major merge

A large update to ENiGMA½ has been merged to master on Github! This comes with a few major changes which I will list below. Developer nerds can see the changes here.

Change Highlights

Message Networking Support

A framework for message networking support has been created. With this new framework modules can be created that allow message areas to be connected to other BBS’s. The first “shipping” module is for FidoNet Type Network (FTN) that support BinkleyTerm Style Outbound (BSO) known as ftn_bso.js.

Some (but not all) standards covered:

There are very likely bugs with this that I will be flushing out over the next bit. Also note that some features such as FidoNet NetMail are not yet implemented.

See the configuration documentation for more information.

Message Conferences

In addition to message areas, message conferences now exist as an 1:n area container. For example, one can now configure a conference to represent a FTN style network such as AgoraNet with it’s areas under it.


All new code is now using ES6 features and existing code is being slowly wack-a-moled. Node 4.2+ is no required to run ENiGMA 1/2

More info

For more information on new features and more visit the ENiGMA 1/2 Github page and visit #enigma-bbs on FreeNode IRC