New... Everything!

New Stuff!

After a long time procrastinating, I have updated the look and feel of my blog, moved away from Ghost to Hexo, a static blog generator, and my Caddy web server back to nginx on a new FreeBSD setup. The version of Ghost that was running on my old setup was quite old, and Ghost is just too much for my needs. I could have kept going with Caddy, but really just wanted to try out a new version of nginx :)

Most things should be moved over. There may be some broken links especially to downloads. Still working on cleaning up this place!

Other changes

  • I’m now also using as an ACME client for my Let’s Encrypt issued certificates.
  • Xibalba – including WebSockets – is now TLS terminated via nginx instead of Caddy as well. Please report any issues!
  • I’ve switched to Utterances for commenting