ENiGMA½ Web Server Updates and Version Bump

Version 0.0.14-beta

Last night I bumped the version of ENiGMA½ to version 0.0.14-beta. I admit the releases aren’t exactly SemVer, but I do plan on getting there when I (OK, also a little ad-hoc) decide to take it out of “beta”.

Web Server Updates!

The first update in 0.0.14-beta is an update to the Web Server (or more specifically, the Web content server module. Previously the use of a pseudo /static/ path was required to host your own content – or at least, anything very useful – under the public root. The server now acts more like a standard web server in which this is no longer required. Built in services that rely on the web server now utilize the following prefixes under your static/public root directory:

  • File Base: /_f/ (this is kept short for purposes of short URLs)
  • OTP registration, password resets, etc.: _internal

Additionally the server will now look for .html, and .htm files (in that order), under any child directory to the public root dir when a “empty” request is made (ie: https://yourdomain.com/foobar/) and serve them if found. This is a little like nginx try_files.

As an example, I’m now hosting a Hexo generated site on Xibalba fronted by nginx. Note that you don’t actually need nginx at all; I just happen to have a number of other services and also want TLS termination and an easier time with ACME and Let’s Encrypt