Compiling a FOSSIL aware 16bit DOS executable with FPC

Recently Captain Hood of Black Flag BBS asked if I could throw together a quick door that could run under Oblivion/2 for displaying ANSI scrollers in a semi slowed down fashion. You see, back in the day the speed you saw an ANSI render was essentially that of your modem -- 9600bps for example.

So what the hell, why not do this in Pascal?! I downloaded Free Pascal, built the 8086-msdos cross compiler and punched in some code.

Here are the steps I took if anyone out there in the world needs to write a 8086 16bit DOS application in Pascal :)

Note that these instructions are from from a Elementary OS Freya x86_64 box. YMMV.

Prep work

Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install nasm subversion  


To cross compile FPC, you will need FPC. I used the .dep from Lazarus on Sourceforge (You should only need fpc2.6.4-*amd64.deb)

Build the 8086-msdos cross compiler

(This is covered more extensively in the FPC wiki)

  1. Checkout the FPC source from TRUNK:
svn checkout fpc  
  1. Build:
make clean all OS_TARGET=msdos CPU_TARGET=i8086 OPT="-CX -XXs" CROSSOPT=-WmSmall BINUTILSPREFIX= PP=/usr/bin/ppcx64  
  1. Install:
make crossinstall OS_SOURCE=linux CPU_SOURCE=i386 OS_TARGET=msdos CPU_TARGET=i8086 PP=compiler/ppcross8086 CROSSOPT=-WmSmall BINUTILSPREFIX= INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/<user>/<where>/fpc-i8086/snapshot/small OPT="-CX -XXs"  

Be sure to replace the value of INSTALL_PREFIX with an appropriate path!

  1. Repeat steps #2 & #3 replacing -WmSmall with the various models you wish: Medium, Large, etc. See the FPC wiki for details.

  2. Update your fpc.cfg file. The default location is /etc/fpc.cfg. Make the following changes:


#ifdef cpui8086





FOSSIL support

There is a nice Pascal package for DOS FOSSIL support called Ele Communications Kit 1.2. You can find it on the BBS archive site. Search for ELECOM12.ZIP elsewhere.

I won't get into the details of the library itself -- there is an EXAMPLE.PAS that makes it fairly clear: Open a COM port that FOSSIL is bound to, do I/O, close it. Nothing fancy.


After you have written yourself a nice little FOSSIL aware piece of source, compile as such:

fpc-i8086/ppcross8086 -WmHuge -Fu./ELEC/ SOURCE.PAS  

Again, replace -WmHuge with the model of your choice. The cross compiler (ppcross8086) is found under the path you specified with INSTALL_PREFIX of course.


As for myself, I created something super simple called SLOWMO! It's now released under Acidic modding for giggles:



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