Halloween Props

An Obsession

Halloween has become sort of an obsession with me over the last few years. Each year doing a little more than the last especially in the area of decorating & prop making. Figured it's time to document some of it!


Over the last 2-3 years I've gotten much more into custom prop making. This includes fully from scratch pieces as well as taking cheaper Halloween props and making them much more realistic/gory/whatever.

Giant Skeleton Warrior

Home Depot started selling a 12' skeleton this year, which of course I had to jump on. But of course I can't just leave it at that!

A work in progress shot after some minimal staining and corpsing of the skull:

...and the final result!


Below are some shots from forming EVA foam (I used mostly yoga mats for these) pauldrons I created for this project:

After painting:

A couple of in-process shots:

Skeletons and Skulls

Cheap plastic skeletons can go a long way with some basic staining and corpsing. I usually use cheap shoe dye/polish, plastic drop cloth and a heat gun, etc. You can also buy acrylic teeth on Amazon quite cheap.


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