Switching to Firefox

Goodbye Chrome!

After at least 10 years of using Google's Chrome almost exclusively as a browser, I'm moving back to Mozilla Firefox. It's not like I haven't known Chrome is only there to collect data from me, but in the past it's been semi reasonable about it. That is, not a whole lot different than running any of the other browsers. However, in the recent years it has become much more blatantly abusive in this area.

(Back) to Firefox!

I think the last time I really used Firefox as my main browser may have been when browser wars were still a thing. You know, when you'd have the "Best viewed" images on your website.

Mozilla has been pushing hard in the areas of privacy, security, and so on lately. The browser (so far) seems to work very smoothly. Mozilla is also not playing the nasty games Google has been deploying behind the scenes. They actually care about community based standards et. al. vs just throwing around their weight and, well, monopoly.

Still have more boxes to convert over, decide which of my billions of tabs to keep, and so on, but it was long past time for this move.

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