SyncTERM 1.0 Released

Huzzah a new version!

SyncTERM v1.0 has been released. This version, at least for me, plays much nicer than prior versions. Especially under Linux and when using SSL.

Below are the changes since v0.9.5:

Version 1.0
New ability to use the blink attribute to select alternate font
Fixes for user font management
Help text cleanup
Handle the close window button gracefully
Allow left/right to switch dir/file columns in file picker
Allow case-only changes to directory entries
Translate copies from non-ASCII screens screen modes to ASCII
Add copy/paste support back into OS X builds using Pasteboard
Don't conditionally compile shell support, just treat it as disabled
Support Commodore and Atari fonts when not using their native emulation
Properly save/restore the RLogin Reversed connection mode
Properly save/restore the C128 (80col) and Atari XEP80 modes
Fix separator character in status bar with fonts that don't support lines
No longer switch font to CP437 when displaying menus
Workaround SDL bug when resizing on X11
Fix the "black window" Overlay issue
Add Topaz and Micro Knight (non-Plus) Amiga fonts
Fix Function keys with Caps Lock in SDL mode
Windows console mode resize fixes
SSH stability fixes
Paginate help output
Statically link Cryptlib
Varous crashes at startup and during resize fixed
Don't add "SyncTERM" to the end of the Windows Download path
Fix NumLock behaviour on Windows


The Windows version can be downloaded from SF -- if you're ballsy enough to trust them anymore.

I've compiled a v1.1b binary for Linux x86_64 using Clang 3.6. At the time of compile, there were no real differences between 1.0 and 1.1b that I know of.


EDIT: Annoncement on Reddit /r/syncterm/

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