ENiGMA 1/2 Bulletin Board Software -

A Modern BBS Package I've been working on a new Bulletin Board System (BBS) software... It occurred to me today that while I've already released on Github, announced on Reddit and even have a board running, I haven't yet blogged about it. So here I am! Introducing ENiGMA½! This is…

SyncTERM 1.0 Released -

Huzzah a new version! SyncTERM v1.0 has been released. This version, at least for me, plays much nicer than prior versions. Especially under Linux and when using SSL. Below are the changes since v0.9.5: Version 1.0 ----------- New ability to use the blink attribute to select…

ANSI Control Handling in Terminals & Telnet Clients -

Why?! I'm in the fairly early stages of developing a Node.js based BBS (yes, really!), and in doing so need to recognize and understand the differences in which various terminals and Telnet clients such as SyncTERM handle ANSI control/escape sequences. As of now, this entry is mostly a…