ACiDic BBS Mods by Myself -

ACiDic! When I'm not feeling lazy I'll add some more info. For now, here are some ACiDiC BBS mods by myself: ACD-MB4E.ZIP: Married Bob event mod for ENiGMA½ BBS -- fetch the latest Married Bob ANSI's for display on your system! ACD-MP4E.ZIP: Message Post Bot event mod for…

ENiGMA 1/2 Message Network Update -

A major merge A large update to ENiGMA½ has been merged to master on Github! This comes with a few major changes which I will list below. Developer nerds can see the changes here. Change Highlights Message Networking Support A framework for message networking support has been created. With this…

ENiGMA 1/2 Bulletin Board Software -

A Modern BBS Package I've been working on a new Bulletin Board System (BBS) software... It occurred to me today that while I've already released on Github, announced on Reddit and even have a board running, I haven't yet blogged about it. So here I am! Introducing ENiGMA½! This is…