ENiGMA 1/2 Message Network Update -

A major merge A large update to ENiGMA½ has been merged to master on Github! This comes with a few major changes which I will list below. Developer nerds can see the changes here. Change Highlights Message Networking Support A framework for message networking support has been created. With this…

El Capitan Kernel Extension Debugging -

Just a bit back I needed to do some kernel module extension debugging on OS X El Capitan (10.11.x). Below are some quick notes on the subject for future refence. Perhaps they will be of interest to someone else. Basic steps If you're doing this for development, I…

Android Smali Tools -

Wut. I often find myself dissasembling Android APKs for one reason or another. This is a small list of helpful tools and resources: Getting an APK There is an online APK Downloader tool. Note that the site trys to redirect you to various malware and what. Just close the windows…