Halloweenish HTML Colors from xkcd -

Just a bit back I ran across this xkcd post listing the most common RGB colors after scraping a huge dataset. Being that Halloween is coming up in a few days, I decided to extract some interesting ones from the list (Based on their names)... From xkcd: black (of course!…

Building cURL + HTTP/2 on Windows (A hackabout way) -

What This is a very quick and dirty set of notes for building curl.exe that includes HTTP/2 (via --http2) support on Windows. This is a "make it work" path, not something elegant!. For me, this came in handy testing against a h2o HTTP/2 server using h2c (browsers…

VMWare Workstation: Not enough memory my ass! -

The Problem I have a Elementary OS VMWare guest that I leave running nearly full time on one of my Windows 8.1 (x86_64/Pro) machines. Today when I came in to work, the guest was shut down with some error dialogs blabing about lack of physical memory. The…